Talent Spot |The Advantages of Setting Up Sales Office in China

The sales office is a physical entity used for business purposes. Whether a sales agent is looking for commercial properties, or a liberal professional looking for an office to operate.

Talent Spot |Rules and Guidelines for Employing Foreigner In China.

Although the prospect of a foreigner working in China and the bureaucracy concerning such an action is formidable, it is possible and common for foreign workers to work legally in China.

Talent Spot |Selecting The Right Staffing Firm For Foreign-and Foreign Invested Companies

Foreign companies with no office in China also sometimes use staffing firms to avoid the legal prohibitions and impracticalities of hiring in China directly. While not illegal to work with a foreign company, few legitimate staffing firms are open to such arrangements.

Talent Spot |Selecting The Right Staffing Firm For Representing Office

Under certain circumstances, there is no way around using a staffing firm. The resident representative office of a foreign company, for example, cannot directly hire Chinese employees in China, and so their employment relationships must be retained through a staffing firm.

Talent Spot |Shanghai Free Trade Zone Company Registration

SHANGHAI FREE-TRADE ZONE COMPANY (FTZ) The Shanghai free-trade zone is one of the first in mainland China.This free-trade zone including three bonded zones: Waigaoqiao port, Yangshan Deep-Water Port and Pudong International Airport, covering a total of 28 square kilometers

Talent Spot |The Trend of Labor Dispatch in China

The Employment Contract Law of People’s Republic of China , which explicitly specifies the qualification of labor dispatch service providers, the administrative license of labor dispatch service, the principle of “equal pay for equal work” to the dispatched employee compared with regular staffs, and three required natures of the position applicable to the labor dispatch service.

Talent Spot |Comparison of China Company Formation

Foreign Investors generally establish a business presence in China in one of five ways: 1. WFOE, 2. Representative Office, 3. Joint Venture, 4. Partnership Enterprise (PE) and 5. Hong Kong company.

Talent Spot |Planning to Hire Employees in China? Know the Rules and Policies Before You Do

The Employment Contract Law is the most important law in China relating to an employer and employee relationship. This law is applicable to the employment of foreigners as well as local Chinese employees, and applies to local Chinese companies as well as WFOE's.

Talent Spot |China Payroll And Taxation

There are specific rules for payroll and taxation in China, depending upon whether your company employs foreign nationals or local Chinese employees.

Talent Spot |Chinese Company Formation — Forming A Wholly Foreign Owned Entity In China

This post focuses on how to form a Wholly Foreign Owned Entity (WFOE) in China. Subsequent posts will detail the steps required to register other forms of entities in China

Talent Spot |How to Hire Chinese Employee Legally without Chinese Entities?

International companies are eager to hire their Chinese employees, and they constantly asking us to draft employment contracts between their company and their Chinese employee. However, such contracts violate Chinese law.

Talent Spot |Shanghai is the First Wish to Work Choice in China

Shanghai has become the first choice of foreigners who wish to work in China. The number of foreigners choosing to work in Shanghai is growing at a very fast pace since year 2000.

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