Talent Spot | Paying Foreign Employees in China: Individual Income Tax

For foreigners working in China, determining the applicability of individual income tax to one’s situation involves decoding a set of intersecting criteria and rules.

Talent Spot | Talent Policies Help to Transform Shanghai

To achieve its ambitions to become a global innovation and technology hub by 2030, Shanghai is going all-out to attract foreign talent to speed up its transformation.

Talent Spot | Legal Issues About Setting Up Business In China Market

China has rebounded from the recession and is again developing at a rapid rate. With the domestic consumption expanding fast, experts predict enormous market growth in China over the next decade. In our practice, Talent Spot has seen a growing trend for exports to China by small to medium-sized companies in the Midwest.

Talent Spot | Overview Levels Of Wage And Employment In China

Wage levels in China have increased steadily over the last decade; driven by rapid economic growth and declining population growth. Fewer young people are entering the workforce and those that do have higher expectations. Workers have become better organized and employers in many sectors have been forced to pay higher wages in order to recruit and retain staff.

Talent Spot |Chinese Labor Laws - Employment Contracts

The Law of People’s Republic of China on Employment Contracts (“Employment Contracts Law” or the “Law”), effective on January 1, 2008, made significant changes from the previous employment laws.

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