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If you are bothered by the issue of work permit for the foreign employees, you may need to take look at the new short- term work permit regulations released by China government. China has introduced a 90-day short-term Residence Permit for Work for foreigners with specific occupations. Fewer documents are required and it only takes around 15 days to acquire a China Work Permit Notification, and 30 days to get a Residence Permit.

 Who can apply?

Foreigners aged 16-60, who come to China for short-term work assignments, adhere to the following requirements, and stay in China for no more than 90 days:

1. Visiting the domestic partners to complete certain technological, scientific research, management, guidance work, etc.;

2.  Visiting the domestics sports institutions for trial training (including coaches, athletes);

3. Shooting videos (including commercials, documentaries);

4. Fashion shows (including car models, models for advertisements, etc.)

Requirement Documents

For Company

Photocopy of Business License;

The sample of company chops;

Photocopy of ID card of the legal representative;

Invitation Letter

For Applicant

Photocopy of the applicant's information page, and latest visa page on the passport;

Application form;

Employment letter;

Health certificate of the latest 6 months;

Registration Form of Temporary Residence;

35*49 mm coloured photos (without hat) and return receipt;

*In comparison with the documents for a long-term Residence Permit for Work (over 90 days) application, these documents are NOT required for short-term Residence Permits for Work :

Non-criminal record;

Highest academic degree;

Working experience;

Tax record;

Directory of employees;


90 days short-term work visas do not require the applicant to apply for a China Work Permit. Here is a comparison of the procedure:

For a short-term Residence Permit for Work application (less than 90 days), it takes around 30 days to finish the whole procedure.

For a long-term Residence Permit for Work application (over 90 days), it takes around 52 days to finish the whole procedure.


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