Talent Spot | 10 HR Trends Everyone Will Be Talking About in 2020

With 2020 right around the corner, we decided to put together a list of trends that will affect work in the future. These trends will become standard buzzwords in every HR department – so best to learn them now!

Here are 20 trends in Human Resources business professionals will be talking about in 2020. In a rapidly evolving global economy business leaders need to be mindful of these trends.

Permanent Flexibility. The term, coined by Mercer in their 2018 Global Talent Trends Survey refers to flexible work arrangements that are in flow with a modern digital lifestyle. Flexibility involves rethinking how work is done and by whom.

Remote work will be even more remote. SHRM finds that globalization will lead to an increasingly diverse workforce, contracted on a per-project basis, oftentimes at a lower cost. You may soon be working with team mates nine or 10 time zones away.

Gig Economy. 1099 to replace 9-to-5. The gig economy will see a large majority of the workforce shift away from full-time jobs into free agent employees. Intuit estimates that by 2020, 40% of American workers will be independent contractors.

English continues to be dominant in international business. When companies merge and acquire each other at a global level, English remains the de-facto tongue. In fact, it is spoken by one in four people in the world. English is natively spoken in over 60 nations. Interestingly, when Nestle, the Swiss chocolate company enforced English as a company standard, it saw greater efficiency improvements in purchasing and hiring.

HR Chatbots.  Chatbots are already being used in customer service, IT technical support, and resume parsing. By 2020 we will see a greater reliance on chatbots, especially as a way to aid employees with the onboarding process. The challenge? Putting together a Frequently Asked Questions list into a chatbot program. The benefit? In the long run, having a robot field commonly asked HR questions (i.e. benefits, compensation, retirement) can free up HR’s time elsewhere.  

Gamification. Gamification has been working its way into all types of industries. We anticipate it being used as a way to screen candidates, turning tests into a fun way to measure personality and skill. Similarly, the data gamification promises can help HR departments build job families, which helps in reskilling of jobs.

Data-Driven HR. HR departments now have a deluge of information available at their fingertips, including employee demographics, recruitment data, and performance KPIs. Using this data, we can make less biased hiring decisions, reduce adverse impact, and promote employees with a higher likelihood of company loyalty. Too much data can cause confusion or “paralysis by analysis.”
Worried? That’s your common sense kicking in. Check in with team mates when a candidate seems too good to be true. The best HR leaders leverage data, yes, but they still check in with their gut. When your instinctual guttural reaction defies the data we recommend looping in another decision maker or adding another step in the selection process. Realize that data, at the end of the day is imperfect – play it safe!

HR Software & Messaging app will overtake Outlook. Teams will naturally gravitate to the most easy to use communication tool on the market, even if that tool is not an approved communications channel. E-mail chains on Outlook and G-mail have become inefficient and impossible to sift through, with many workers preferring the group based messaging available through apps like Slack, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.

Automation and A.I. Much of the hiring process has become automated, and accordingly, devoid of scrutiny. Search engines, applicant tracking systems, and email automation have in some ways commoditized the job search to a simple keyword match. Candidates that know how to game the system have an advantage over individuals who are honest, but don’t know the tips and tricks Applicant Tracking Systems use to screen incoming candidates. Your best bet when trying to hire a rockstar/unicorn? Look in your network and not on job boards says the Undercover Recruiter. Employees hired through referral are hired 55 percent faster than those who come through a career site. They also stay longer and have greater job satisfaction!

Shrinking HR Teams & Outsourced HR. HR Trend Institute 2017 predicts that the number of jobs in HR will decrease as the level of automation increases. For example, the work that talent sourcers used to do is now being performed by search engines and applicant tracking systems – the role has been automated to a simple software purchase. Similarly, the need for customized, flexible, by-the-hour, outsourced HR solutions has risen sharply.

Concluding Thoughts
As we rethink how work is being done, HR needs smarter and more efficient ways for talent recruitment and management. If you are short-hand to your HR work, why not choose a one-stop HR solution company to help improving your work? Talent Spot International provides outsourced HR services, recruitment, payroll and other HR services. Contact us now! 

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