Talent Spot |Recruiters Make The Difference

There is certainly still a place for temps in the Chinese workplace. However, companies are increasingly in need of a flexible group of highly skilled workers with a technical or professional background. They need these workers for specific periods of time for crucial projects and deadlines or to ramp up for spikes in business. In these situations, employers often turn to recruiters to find these more specialized candidates.

Talent Spot |Common Mistakes When Hiring Expatriate Employees to Set Up and Run Your China Entity

There are problems with expatriate staff as well. Especially, (and unfortunately) often with personnel in professional services.

Talent Spot |How Can a Payroll Service Provider Helps a Company

A professional payroll agency which have expertise in China and which is also familiar with the legislation and requirements of different government authorities in different cities can help a Company to distribute the payment to the Social Security Fund and Housing Fund Bureau in different cities in China.

Talent Spot |Hiring Local Staff through Staffing Agency

Foreign companies that have established a representative office (RO) in China do not have the ability to hire local staff directly. Instead, Chinese staff must be seconded from an agency that will take the title of official employer.

Talent Spot |Reasons to Choose Contract Staffing

Talent Spot’s clients have many reasons for using contract staffing. The following is a few of those reasons to consider:

Talent Spot |Hiring Chinese Employees Through a Professional Staffing Company

Talent Spot Employee Leasing/Talent Dispatch services allow the Representative Office (Rep Office) or foreign companies who has no legal entity in China safely and legally hire Chinese employees in China or for other specific circumstances where a direct employment contract is not desired or feasible.

Talent Spot |Benefits for Outsourcing the Payroll in China

The local payroll provider can help in dealing with the complexity as China have different policies and regulation and its difficult for a small foreign Company in China to know all the rules and regulations of each province and city.

Talent Spot |Successful Business in China Using Employee Leasing Services

In 2016 the People’s Republic of China became the world’s largest economy and it is one of the top attractive countries for business. Every year more foreign companies attempt to enter the Chinese market. However, due to the multiple administration procedures and the strict Chinese immigration law, setting business in China is a time- consuming and complex process as well as a significant reason for not entering the market.

Talent Spot |Recruiting Gets Social in China

The explosive growth of Chinese social-networking sites coupled with inadequate recruiting platforms, is driving many companies in China to experiment with new methods such as social media.

Talent Spot | Key Benefits of Company Formation in China

​China’s entry into the World Trade Organization marked the beginning of a significant change for investors and enterprise in China. The government of China has allowed entry into the market through the formation of Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprises (WOFE) and Representative Offices.

Talent Spot | Payroll Outsourcing: A Developed Practice In China

Payroll outsourcing is going to be even more common among the companies, in particular in some complex environment, difficult to understand. The most companies that are doing so, are that ones that are pursuing international strategies.

Talent Spot |What's your Employment Strategy for Hiring in China

Understanding the challenges and costs of staffing your operations in China is crucial if you’re to make the right first steps into the country.

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