Talent Spot | RPO: Simple Solutions for Complex Recruitment Process Challenges

With rapid economy growth in worldwide, more talents are needed for the business growth. One of the complex challenges for business is in rapid hiring demand. We have received our many clients complain about complex hiring process can be real pain. A flexible and scalable recruitment solution is desperately needed for high volume hiring.

Talent Spot | Is Contractor Right for Your Business?

When your business is having a restricted budget for hiring full time employees for the short-term project or specific task which doesn’t require a full-time employee, have you ever consider using a contractor or temporary staffing?

Talent Spot | China 3 Major Changes in the Ways of Recruitment

With more than 10 years experiences in Mainland china for recruitment services, we have oberserved many changes in the ways of recruitment no matter for it is for people or businesses. Here are the three biggest changes we have seen over the last 10 years.

Talen Spot |Six Executive Recruitment Trends in Asia to Be Attentive

Based on the high executive hiring demands in China and other developing South East Asia countries, we have observed six executive trends in Asia to be attentive.

Talen Spot | Labor Dispatch Services for Foreign Companies in China

For some foreign-invested entities in China, particularly thoes who are not familiar with the HR environment, labor dispatch is an important option for foreign companies in China that require a low cost and flexible hiring process.

Talent Spot | How Storytelling Drives Recruitment More Effective and Innovative

According to an article in the Harvard Business Review, stories actually change our brain chemistry, making us more likely to be empathic and cooperative. Company uses story to evoke emotion and incite action in everyone. The power of storytelling doesn't only work for advertising or marketing product, it also works when it comes to recruitment.

Talent Spot | How to Hire You Employees Aboard

New markets represent new opportunities, so international expansion is a natural step for many businesses. Taking advantage of them, however, can often be quite challenging: a company can’t expect to seamlessly transfer its business and operational model to an entirely different region, with an entirely different working culture, legal system, and economy overnight.

Talent Spot | Top 8 Talent trends for 2018 in China

Mainland China’s ambitious goals to assume global leadership in a number of areas including technology will intensify an already competitive market for talent over the year ahead. This is just one of the top 8 talent trends for 2018

Talent Spot | Narrowing Talent Recruitment Gap between Local and Foreign Companies in China

Homegrown Chinese companies are now going head-to-head with multinationals when it comes to recruitment of top talent, salaries and career opportunities, new research shows.

Talent Spot | How to Choose a Perfect Payroll Provider in China?

“How to choose a professional provider to outsource your payroll” should be considered in the first place, especially when company policies change, employees change, as do their family situations and their payroll distributions.

Talent Spot | Recruitment Evaluation: From Recruiter to Sourcing Talent Manager

A recruiter’s ability to source the right candidates from different channels, with more advanced knowledge of creative sourcing techniques is in greater demand.

Talent Spot | 5 Tips for HR to Spot High Quality Candidates While Hiring

Do you know hiring the right person for the job can be costly and time-consuming? There is world of difference between candidates who can be correctly matched to the job and company, as a HR, you need to find and match the suitable candidate to the job. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

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