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Many foreign companies in china are misunderstanding the situation where the slightly economic growth will lead the government to favor foreign employers. However the truth is that foreign employers do not protest while the Chinese employees do. Moreover the Chinese government values stability above nearly all else thus our China lawyers are seeing this play out in the following ways to improve the situation for its workers

Talent Spot | It’s time to rely on Labor Dispatch

Nowadays with the CHINA opening wider to the world and providing more investment opportunities for foreign companies, more and foreign invested companies tend to expand their business in China.

Talent Spot | Why recruitment agencies are more important for the foreign company?

Despite the fact that 2017 is a fortune year for foreign investors as China is going to implement one policy to another, foreign companies operating in China are increasingly finding themselves in an uncomfortable position of undergoing an internal investigation or encountering a potential labor disputes.

Talent Spot | Global Recruiting Trends in 2017

The report is based on the survey responses of nearly 40000 corporate talent acquisition leaders across 35 countries. All respondents are at the manager level or higher.

Talent Spot | China Employer Rules and Regulations to consider when doing business in China

Many foreign employers wrongly suppose that whatever they use in their home country is good enough for their China employee manual. This is virtually never true as the reason for having employee manuals is so different as between China and Western countries. Western companies often learn too late about these differences when one of their employees leaves or is terminated.

Talent Spot | Opportunities and Challenges for UK businesses in China

According to the recent reports and the policies laid out by the China government, China tends to pay more attention to the FDI (foreign direct investment) in 2017. Despite the weak global economic environment, China continues to register solid GDP growth averaging 10 per cent per annum. Much of the recent impressive growth of China’s economy can be attributed to a rapid acceleration in the rate of urbanization. This process is set to continue. Presently, around 600 million Chinese live in cities, and this is predicted to increase to one billion by 2030 (McKinsey Global Institute, 2008).

Talent Spot | Recruitment Evaluation: From Recruiter to sourcing Talent manager

The landscape and expectation of the recruiter is dramatically changing and everyone agreed on was that whether you have an internal or onsite recruitment function. A recruiter’s ability to source the right candidates from different channels, with more advanced knowledge of creative sourcing techniques is in greater demand.

Talent Spot | Top 8 Talent trends for 2017 in China

According to the recent reports, employers will take a pragmatic approach in their search for candidates who can work on outbound investment projects by placing priority on experience.

Talent Spot | The Privilege For the Foreign-Invested Companies in Shanghai

SHANGHAI has further eased the rules to help foreign-invested companies set up regional headquarters to transform the city into an economic and technological innovator.

Talent Spot | Recruit and Retain Chinese Staff on point

When tremendous amounts of articles focused on how to start a business in China, we should first consider how to recruit staffs that suit your company. Thus Talent Spot gives out 5 tips to help you successfully recruit the one you want, making sure you are building for a successful future.

Talent Spot | 8 suggestions to consider when achieving business goal in china

China is distinct from other developing markets in a number of important ways, all of which have strong ramifications for marketers. To begin with, China’s economy is far more diverse (and therefore offers a much broader range of opportunities) than Russia and Brazil, economies which are far more reliant on raw materials and commodity products.

Talent Spot | How do Brexit impact the UK Investment in China?

Chinese state media reported earlier in the month that the Chinese Ministry of Commerce wants to do a UK free trade deal. Mr. Hammond has now revealed that Britain is also keen. It will be the first time the UK has embarked on such a major project with the second largest economy in the world.

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