Talent Spot |How Executive Search Firms Avoid Executive Hire Mistakes

To grow your business, you need to find best talents to manage your company. Like many other fields, executive talents require unique experiences that are specific to the industry. When you have an executive position you need to fill, an executive search firm will help you find the ideal person to fill it.

Talent Spot|Seven Trends for Creating a Hiring Process

Based on a survey, over 1,500 hiring decision makers in U.S. and Canada have come up with seven trends for creating a hiring process with more efficiency.

Talent Spot |Use Recruitment Agency: Save Time and Money

Hiring new employees is time consuming and expensive, especially when you make a bad hire. In order to avoid the inconvenience, choose a recruitment agency to help you looking for talents. Here is why:

Talent Spot | Difference Between Part Time, Temporary, and Seasonal Employees in China

Difference Between Part Time, Temporary, and Seasonal Employees in China

Talent Spot|How Do Staffing Agency Work?

Hiring solution can be varied wide, have you ever think you business need short-term help or short staffed? If so, you must have considered using staffing company. So how do staffing agencies work — and how can you work most effectively with them? Here are five tips for maximizing your experience as a staffing agency client.

Talent Spot | What To Consider Before You Select a Staffing Agency

When coming into staffing issue, you may start to wonder whether hire a staffing agency to help you. It is very important that you are aware with your employment needs and understand the outcome from staffing agency. So, here are some few steps for you select proper staffing agency before you get struggled.

Talent Spot| High-cost Employment Push Companies To Hire Temp Staff

In 2015, as the cost of hiring and employing raised, more private companies preferred to use temporary staffing rather than direct staffing, this has become a new option for cost-conscious Chinese employers.

Talent Spot|Working with Temporary and Contract Employees

Temporary workers, contract workers, consultants, freelancers, seasonal workers and interns have two things in common.

Talent Spot|Why Hire Temporary and Contract Workers

Temporary workers are a growing part of Chinese business. According to the Associated Press, million people work for companies as temps, contract workers, consultants, freelancers, seasonal workers and interns. While the last recession and resulting economic uncertainty initially swelled the ranks of temporary workers, their inherent flexibility keeps them in the forefront of staffing solutions.

Talent Spot |The Value of Executive Recruiters

There are two reasons that why you would spend money on an executive recruiter. First, the person you want to hire is not going to apply online. Second, if you hire the wrong person and he/she leaves within six months, it is very expensive! Below are several benefits of using executive recruiter from company's perspective.

Talent Spot |Payroll outsourcing in China: How it Can Help You

Managing small businesses can be a really tricky experience for young entrepreneurs. Payroll is among the different necessities you will have to deal with during those times of management. Paying salaries, keeping accurate records, paying payroll taxes but also maintaining a good communication within your employee

Talent Spot |Ways of Staff Recruitment in China

Under China’s new Labour Contract Law, enterprises can decide for themselves the timing and means of recruiting staff as well as the relevant requirements and number. At present, enterprises may hire staff through various channels.

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