Talent Spot Won "2017 China Top 10 RPO Service Provider & Flexible Staffing Service Provider"

On July 13th, 2017, Talent Spot International won two awards of “2017 China Recruitment and Staffing Provider Value Awards” sponsored by HREC—2017 China Top 10 Recruitment Process Outsourcing Service Provider and 2017 China Top 10 Flexible Staffing Service Provider”. It has been the first time for Talent Spot International to win two awards at one time, which well demonstrated the powerful strength of Talent Spot International in recruitment services, transforming itself from China’s leading HR solutions provider into a global one-stop HR solutions specialist.

During the selection process, the sponsor invited real-name certified directors from the compensation and benefits departments of 500 first-party enterprises to participate in the survey and evaluate the candidate enterprises from the perspective of market awareness, market share, brand recommendation and other dimensions. Talent Spot International stood out among the enterprises and was granted “2017 China Top 10 Recruitment Process Outsourcing Service Provider” and “2017 China Top 10 Flexible Staffing Service Provider”. Elmer Goh, the vice president of Talent Spot International, accepted the awards on the stage. He said, “Recently, there have been many new developments in the field of HR services in China, and the whole industry is full of new vitality. Talent Spot International is always concerned about it and adheres to the service concept of “customer-success oriented”. The strategy formulation, internal talent training and new business development of the enterprise will all focus on it.”

On this basis, Talent Spot International has officially launched the global business layout this year. The company has not only set up more than 30 branches in mainland China, but also established branches in Singapore and Malaysia, thus entering the European market. “In recent years, China has become a popular place for global investments. With the successful implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative, more and more enterprises will be eager to enter China or cooperate with China to develop businesses in countries along the Belt and Road. We wish to use our services and help global companies seize the opportunities, enter the blue ocean and climb to new heights in business.” 

Talent Spot International, mainly providing outsourcing and recruitment services, integrated advantages in 2017 and launched one-stop HR solutions, including flexible staffing, recruitment, recruitment process outsourcing, HR outsourcing, HR management software–iHR (ihr360.com), thus providing comprehensive and complex HR services for customers. “China’s investment environment is full of both opportunities and risks. First of all, China’s HR market is very competitive. And there are also many policy constraints for overseas-funded enterprises. To enter Chinese market, overseas companies must grasp two prerequisites: understand China’s laws and regulations, and succeed in the talent war. Talent Spot International unites its years of service experience and the understanding of the Chinese market and utilize a variety of staffing methods to ensure the legal compliance of enterprises, and at the same time to recruit the most suitable personnel for the enterprises, thus helping the enterprises develop businesses successfully.”

The two awards—“2017 China Top 10 Recruitment Process Outsourcing Service Provider” and “2017 China Top 10 Flexible Staffing Service Provider” are the affirmation to the diversified and comprehensive services of Talent Spot International. “From now on, we will continue to work hard and make the diversified and comprehensive services play a valuable role in a wider range, thus connecting global companies with the right HR and helping to open up new territory of global HR.”


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